Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Due to "circumstances" I had an Amazon Gift card for $36 and nothing to spend it on. Until I remembered that I took a few pictures of some books I was drooling over at Barnes and Nobel the other day.

Check this baby out:

In my old age I've grown tired of knitting pattern books. After I got burned on the whole felted paper crane pattern I realized that it's just easier to either buy the patterns one at a time on Etsy or just google it. Sorry Nicky Epstein, I'm not shelling out another $30 for felted flower patterns I can find on the internet for free.

What I love are knitting books filled with IDEAS. Stuff that I never would have thought up in a million years. Like
Cat Bordhi's batshit-insane mobius knitting. Or the sheer practicality of the Masion-Dixon knitters (I now use 100% cotton in everything baby I make). Now that is worth it's weight and gold, and this book is full of it.

Like fake crochet stitches. Why the HELL would you want to make fake crochet stitches while knitting? Why not just learn how to crochet? Damned if I know! But the fact that you can make them tickles me to no end. I'm going to read this book front to back and abosorb all of it's crazy ideas into my own knitting.

What's that? How's my knitting going?


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M.M.E. said...

I never learned to crochet and I never got past the scarf for knitting. But that books sounds very cool nonetheless. Love the godzilla pic.