Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I suppose I should start on my vacation stories now. Like how I visited New Hope on Thursday and now the town totally sucks now.

But instead I need to talk about THE ENEMY

Today I have declared war on my brother, the "King of Ding-A-Ling" His reign over Christmas music based cheerfulness has gone unchecked for far too long! I, the King(Queen) of Wishful Thinking will be deploying a Plushie Bunny missile me go do that right now.

SUCCESS! The Plush Bunny missile was deployed right upside my brother's head! He appears to be tearing up a little, though he claims it's because he's watching Up, and not from my brutal attack.

Fear not, citizens! I shall continue to launch my all-out attack as long as I have small plushie things in arm's reach.

TODAY'S SODA: Birch Beer!

I made the terrible mistake of trying Diet Birch Beer while still in Kutztown. That, tragically, tasted like someone allowed me to have a diluted sip of real birch beer onto to follow it up by shoving a handful of Splenda in my mouth. It was also an odd pale yellow while this is, well, soda.

The taste is as if a root beer came along and punched me in the mouth for insulting it's mother. Strong, overwhelming, but frankly I deserve it.

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