Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last week was my yearly vacation to the greatest spot on Earth: Kutztown, PA!

Yes you heard me right. Every year I scrape and save all for the chance of spending a few days in the middle of Amish country. Why? Because I'm a bleedn' loony. Also yarn.

But that's not important. What is important is that I discovered that Kutztown Soda has switched to being made with REAL CANE SUGAR. See, I was cursed years ago with an allergy to corn syrup. Although I've gained a resistance to it I still get knocked on my ass when I drink real soda.

Which is why I am very, VERY happy to find this soda! Shame I didn't find it until my last day of vacation, or I would have had a few gallons while I was there. I've picked up five in order to help ease me back into this terrible existance which is living in NJ.


I have often talked about the problem with cartoon food. See, no matter what food is being shown in a cartoon it looks roughly 1000x more tasty than it actually is. Take Bugs Bunny's carrot soup. I know for a fact that said soup would taste like (ugh) carrots, yet I can't help drooling every time I see him cook it. I imagine it tastes buttery for some reason. Mmm.

I bring this up because Red Cream tastes like cartoon cherry pie. Cherry pie is...okay. Kinda tart. But cherry pie in a cartoon looks like something you would deer shank your grandmother for. It's cherry and cream that's sweet without being painfully sweet. This is the sort of pie I can see a cartoon cat chasing a cartoon mouse/bird/kangaroo over.

On that note: I will never, EVER forgive Fraggle Rock for lieing to me about radishes. I trusted you, Jim Henson!

Kutztown RED CREAM SODA FROM PENNSYLVANIA - "Nix Besser ebenso aus Texas!", 12-Ounce Glass Bottle (Pack of 12)

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